In the Presence of Grand Punctuation

Grand Punctuation

Every once in a while, ready or not, the idea that the medium is the message really comes crashing in. The other day, I was just about to step out of the shower when my eye fell on the perfect image of a question mark on the toilet seat. Not upside down from my vantage point, or even missing the dot below; it was as if someone had deliberately arranged a hair and speck-of-whatever specifically to grab my attention when I pulled back the shower curtain. Since I was the only one here, rational explanations were quickly overwhelmed.

So what's the question? I have absolutely no idea, but maybe it doesn't matter. Maybe there is no question; maybe it's just a grand joke having no purpose beyond making me laugh. If that was the aim, it worked perfectly. So Ha! And thank you, Mysterious Prankster, wherever you are.


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