Labor Day's Pregnant Silence

TGIF, and what's so good about it? Well, here in the United States, it's Labor Day weekend. This means Friday is much larger than it is ordinarily; while it may be far from silent, it's undeniably pregnant. Monday may be silent, because that's the final day of the long weekend; everyone is depressed at the thought of having to return to their labors the following day. And also pooped from living large during the previous days. I don't mean pooped in the sense that we defecate more than we normally do, although with all the outdoor grilling going on during the weekend, this would not be unthinkable. I mean we're worn out, because we try to cram about a month's worth of recreational activity into what we perceive as the last real weekend of those lazy, hazy, and often crazy days of summer.

So what, you may be asking, does any of this have to do with semicolons? The question is absurd. Had you been following Craig Conley's blog, you would already know the answer.

I dreamed of a planet with two moons. The lower moon slowly waned away. Then I dreamed I had corrective surgery to remove my comma half. I was a period! I indicated the full pause with which the utterance of a sentence closes. Mine was a pregnant silence.

Now, my naïve friend, you see more clearly than before. The reference to motherhood; the duality of pregnancy. The Cesarean. The culminating event; one becomes two. Grateful exhaustion. Labor Day weekend, with its dirty diapers.

Not everyone is so easily able to encapsulate the process, but then, not everyone is Craig. He is, and maybe you are, too, but I'm definitely not. Anyway, it's Friday, the moon is on the wax, and I've miles to go before I sleep, perchance to dream, and the traffic is crazy.


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