With Minutia in Mind

A few minutes ago, I found myself looking out the window at the changing colors, and thinking about some guy in New York who was nearly brained by a bottle thrown from a cream-colored Cadillac Escalade . . . wait a minute, I was thinking about what? I don't live in New York, I don’t even know the guy, and yet there I am with the images of some bald guy on a bicycle and a cream-colored car running through my brain.

Negative on the telepathic exchange. It's just the odd effect of reading other people's blogs, and absorbing the minutia of their lives. In this case it was a fragment from one of Seth Godin's blog posts, but the realization that millions of people are broadcasting pieces of their existence to the planet was amusing for a moment. But amusing in a significant way, because this has simply never been possible before, at least not in any practical sense.

How odd. And how spectacular.


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