A new logo is born. Or not. Yesterday's announcement of the Google-YouTube union is a little bit exciting. Not just because it involves one of my favorite companies—that's Google, of course—but because it so clearly points out the next step in the evolution of the Internet. While the Net-video takeover may not be good news for those of us who continue to insist on using typed words to communicate, resistance is futile and I know it. The future human race may not have any fingers, but everyone will undoubtedly have really big eyes.

If anyone can figure out how to effectively and efficiently fingerprint video, it will be Google. This will not only allow vast catalogs of video and the ability to instantly locate individual scenes and such, but once Google gets a good grip on the algorithms, it should be possible to search by content as we do now with text. Want every scene in which Clint Eastwood squints only with his left eye? No problem. Leading ladies who wore a black evening gown and uttered the phrase, "I adore you"? Now displaying results one through twenty.

As Google CEO Eric Schmidt said, this is just the beginning of the online video revolution.


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