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Zen ArrowsAfter the past couple days' technical problems, I decided to make the leap to the new, improved version of Blogger. It's still in the beta-test phase, which was the primary reason for my procrastination, and I subscribe to the old if it works don't fix it school of thought besides. But having made the switch—and assuming no unforeseen glitches in the day-to-day operation—my only regret is not having done it sooner.

From my vantage point the new blog looks the same as the old blog, with the exception of those tags below some of the posts now. It's going to take some time to go back and categorize them all, especially when I have to (1) read each one, and (2) attempt to figure out what, if anything, I was trying to say. But at some point there'll be a list of categories off to the side somewhere, which will be a useful improvement, not to mention the relief I'll feel at being a bit more up to date in the blogospheric scheme of things. I'd been eyeing some of the blogs with a mixture of envy and contempt—I wanted a nifty subject index, too—but no more.

There are a raft of improvements beyond this new ability to use tags, although some aren't as easily quantified. You can't see things like increased reliability, but they become obvious over time by the absence of grief. Legend has it I probably wouldn't have experienced the aforementioned technical problems at all, had I only made the switch earlier.

Anyway, this is the first day of the rest of my blog. If things look a bit odd from time to time, it's because I'm messing about with some new feature, or otherwise attempting to bring the blog up to speed in its new and improved Blogger-in-beta incarnation. At least that's the theory. The practice may be against it, because not only is the devil in the details, but also in the network, and the links, and the HTML, and especially in the monster burritos I so foolishly consume, sometimes, before I sit down at the computer.


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