The Question to Everything

You know the number, now look up the question.

Last night I dreamed about the answer to everything, but in the morning I couldn't remember the question. All day I struggled with it, trying to reconnect the threads. Finally, exhausted by the effort, I fell asleep. But when I awoke, things were still the same: the answer was clear but the question was not. Once again I tried to reconstruct the dream that might yield the question to the answer. Once again, the question eluded me.

In desperation, I began to question myself. With a bit of luck, I thought, I might stumble on a clue, if not the question itself. I began with the more obvious questions.

Why do you ask?

If you have to ask, what makes you think you would understand the answer?


How dare you?

But none of them felt quite right somehow; none of them seemed to properly fit the question. In despair, I slammed my head against the wall. Suddenly, it all became clear!

The question and the answer are the same. This is why there is no need to ask.


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