Great Beginnings

A bright ideaIf you were out surfing the Web and ran across the following opening line, wouldn't you want to read the article, or blog post, or whatever might come after such a gem?

If Apple, Amazon, Google, Yahoo!, eBay, Facebook, and Satan were forming a mega-portal that would satisfy all my Web needs (and in return I'd have to sell my soul and get a Bluetooth-enabled "slave chip" embedded in my eyeball), I'd be like, "What's the catch?"

I would, and I did. As it turns out, the title of the actual article is In Search of the Perfect Web Page, from (where else?) Slate, written by Reihan Salam as a report on the ultimate mash-up. Such subjects can be a bit dry, so this particular effort deserves a prize for creativity in the face of factual reporting. In my humble opinion, of course.


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