It Is To Laugh

Mothers can be the source of many things. Food and nurturing, for example, and arguably the very source of life itself. But you can't always trust your mother.

This afternoon Ted Turner came up in conversation, and I wondered aloud about the name of the woman to whom he had been married. A well-known woman, to say the least, but I couldn't retrieve her name. Mom couldn't think of her name, either, but had recently seen her on a talk show. This seemed reasonable, but she went on to say that the woman in question had been the co-host of that show. I don't watch TV so I wasn't able to mount a credible defense, but confidence was beginning to wane. It just didn't seem likely the woman I was thinking of would have co-hosted a TV show.

Later, just as someone else was correctly identifying the mystery woman as Jane Fonda, the elusive name abruptly materialized in my mother's memory banks. Snapping her fingers, she made the pronouncement: Kathie Lee Gifford!

I'm just thankful my mouth was empty at the time.


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