The Report Formerly Known as the State of the Blogosphere

Ever upwardTechnorati's quarterly report has hit the e-streets, and now focuses not only on the rise of the blogosphere per se, but on the tags—or labels, if you prefer—that have become pervasive as a means of sorting content, and identifying who likes what.

Through the social constructs of tags, we help people find unique voices and points of view. We also help social media publishers to find the people formerly known as their audience. And they all converge, as a result, on Technorati.

According to Mr. Sifry's statistics, a new blog is born every 1.4 seconds, there are 17 new posts every second, and it took 320 days for the blogosphere to grow from 35 to 75 million blogs. Japanese is in first place as the language used to write the blogs, with English in second.

Ain't it grand?


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