Bloggers Versus Journalists, Ad Nauseam

And the winner is . . .If you've found yourself wondering what citizen journalism has been up to lately, Jay Rosen's opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times contains an interesting list of examples.

If you've found yourself wondering what, if anything, citizen journalism really is, Mark Glaser's Your Guide to Citizen Journalism is still a good place to find out.

And if you're wondering why there's still controversy over this subject at all, one answer can be found at the Newspaper Death Watch, a self-described "blog about the sad decline of an American institution: the major metropolitan daily newspaper."

This is a debate over terminology that is increasingly meaningless in a new world in which everyone is a publisher.

Whether or not you happen to agree with the logic—self-publishing equals journalism—or even the idea that the debate is a matter of terminology at all, it does seem fairly certain that the fighting isn't going to end anytime soon.



  1. Anonymous12:43 AM UTC

    Bloggers have more creative liberty than journalists, they only have to use it wisely so people will want to read their posts regularly.
    I much prefer reading your blog to the newspaper. Corporate media has let me down.

  2. Anonymous5:03 PM UTC

    I agree, and corporate media would be wise to take the hint.

    Thanks for the flowers.