Perfect Ambition

In a perfect world, my lowest ambition might lie among the tracks beneath the city, where we disembark for another day in the shops, offices and warehouses that frame our modest lives. Twelve thousand days for work, and the balance of the time to play.

In a perfect world, my highest ambition might lie along the rusted rails south of town. That's where the freight trains gather speed for their northern journey, and it's the last chance to get on board. Two thousand miles of fields, rivers and sky turn the heart, and it races with the train.



  1. Nice! (Typed text can't capture the enthusiasm of my pithy comment!)

  2. Blonde with Brains4:31 AM UTC

    The best writing I've seen in many years.
    May the rails be smooth...Happy traveling!

  3. Craig, the enthuthiathtic pithineth alwayth comths through!