The Nosebleed of Truth

Time for your medication When they go out for a walk, Truth and Honesty don't always hold hands. Sometimes Truth forgets who his friends are, and goes off by himself, and blunders into a bad neighborhood where he's beaten by thugs who take exception to his swagger and arrogant speech, and the large feather in his cap.

When Honesty visits Truth in the hospital, he always brings a mixed bouquet of half-truths for the bedside table. The subtle hues of the Sins of Omission blend nicely with the stark shades of Calculated Words, creating a sense of integrity and openness that hides the broken vase in which they're arranged. The card is always the same, too. On it is just one word: Trust.

This always makes Truth's nose clog up, which makes it run, which starts the nosebleed all over again. He knows what it all means. He knows he's no good without his friend, and that trust requires the efforts of both, working together as a team. Sometimes it just takes a nosebleed to remind him that he's better than the mere absence of lies.



  1. Anonymous1:47 AM UTC

    Did Truth suck it up and contact his friend yet?
    I know how that feels and this is very, very good.

    Thank you

  2. Anonymous3:46 PM UTC

    It was just a generalization aimed at humanity at large, which would of course include me. But yeah, it doesn't feel so good, I know. Thanks for the comment!