The Case for Mediocrity

Sniffing flowers always results in wisdom.While sniffing a flower this morning, it occurred to me that everything I've learned in life leads me to four impregnable conclusions.

1) Knowledge is power.

2) A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

3) Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

4) P=IV

Obviously, these lead me to three similarly unassailable deductions.

1) A little power is less likely to result in corruption.

2) Corruption is the product of current and voltage.

3) Stagnant water has no current to speak of.

So, as you can see, life can be rather elegantly summarized in four simple statements.

1) Without voltage, there can be no current.

2) Absolute knowledge requires high voltage.

3) All clothes dryers are corrupt.

4) Mediocrity and stagnant water are the same thing.



  1. You're funny (said in a deadpan voice that can't quite mask genuine astonishment).

  2. [Deadpan voice on]

    Thank you. Thank you very much.

    [Deadpan voice off]