Keeping An Eye On Things

The eyes of technology are upon youAt some point in the illustrious exercise now known as blogging, it dawns on the writer that many words have left the gate, but their final destination is by no means certain. Have they been wordnapped, then cloned and pressed into service in the darkest corners of the Internet?

Copyright infringement may be the second-oldest profession, but the same technology that enabled blogs now makes it ridiculously easy to swipe another's wordsor images, or whateverand I don't mean fair use. Fortunately, that technology can also be used the other way; it can expose and bring down the perpetrators, and make them wish they'd never had access to the Net in the first place.

You know who you are. Think about what you're doing, then think about how much that lawyer is going to cost. What's your reputation worth now? What will it be worth afterward?



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