Proofreading the Blogosphere

Out with the bad words, in with the good.Lately, there's been some discussion around here about the increasing need for proofreading, editing, and indeed writing in the brave new blogosphere. Increasing, because the rampant popularity of the blog has unleashed an epidemic of words, not all of which are in the right place at the right time.

By their nature, blogs are especially handy for communicating thoughts and ideas. Not that the more traditional Web site never requires proofreading, or editing, or writing for that matter; it's just that the ubiquitous blog is more likely to be noticed at the moment. Despite the overwhelming number of blogs suffering on the Web right now, this particular mass-communication tool simply makes it more likely your words will be seen at all.

It isn't a guarantee; it's just opportunity. But sometimes that's enough to launch the next big idea, or at least give it a fighting chance. Given the opportunity, even a small idea can flourish, and grow, and attain incomprehensible heights. Isn't that how the blog got its start?


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