Spring Training

Plants are more energetic this time of year, too.Spring is the most active time of year. Most mornings I go out and look up at the trees, because that's where the squirrels live. I like to pretend I'm a squirrel, because squirrels don't have to wear any clothes when they climb trees. No one calls the cops when squirrels are naked, but my neighbors don't like it when I climb trees without my clothes on.

Springtime is also baseball season, so in the evenings I like to take my dog to the park where the kids play ball. My dog likes baseball, too, because it's fun to hang out in right field and catch pop flies. He's a good runner, so most of the time he gets the ball before the kids do, and by the time he comes back it's all chewed up and they have to get a new ball. When the kids are chasing me with their baseball bats, I like to pretend I'm in a marathon, because in a marathon you can't stop every time you get thirsty.

When it gets dark, I like to walk around and count the lights in my neighbors' windows. If I see a window without a light I go up and unscrew the bulb from the porchlight, because it's better to have a dark porch than a dark window. Some of my neighbors don't like porchlight bulbs in their mailboxes, but most of them leave their lights on all the time now, so I guess they took the hint.



  1. I don't where you are from but you sound like you belong here in Humboldt. Most of us moved out in the hills so we could be a little squirrelly without having to deal with the neighbors' shotguns.

    Thanks for the chuckle.

  2. I'm from Colorado, actually. Spent years up in them thar mountains with the squirrels, far from the madding crowd. Couldn't escape the shotguns, tho. Will have to research Humboldt, but you may be right.

    Thanks for stopping by.