The Lifeblood of America

Farming in a different vein. Farming, I suppose, is in the blood. Passed from fathers to sons through the generations, it's a hard life, but it has its rewards. And now, thanks to technology's relentless march, it seems blood is in the farming, too.

Say goodbye to endless rows of yellow corn, and so long to wheat fields. See you around, cows. Farmer Jones needs the space for a crop of a different color.

Embryonic stem cells can be used to grow vats of red blood cells, which could lead to the creation of "farms" that could provide limitless sources of blood, U.S. researchers reported on Tuesday.

Say hello to the new Farmer Jones, and don't let those blood-stained overalls keep you from asking him what's for dinner.



  1. This reminds me of Norman Mailer's novel about Egyptian mythology, ANCIENT EVENINGS, in which Set, the god of chaos, drinks wine made from grapes cultivated not with the water of the Nile but with blood.

  2. I'm having a hard time resisting all kinds of parallels on this subject (corny ones of course, e.g. grapes of wrath, vampires) but fortunately for everyone, I'm still queasy from thinking about the news blurb and what it might mean for our collective future.Or is that the future of the collective?