Bird Droppings

Something on the heels of nothing

Hard on the heels of nothing, up from the ashes on the axis of X, Phoenix dances on a hot tin roof, wings akimbo.

Skyward and windward, hohoho, scholarly eccentricity and Barwinisms help it fly.

Limbo lower now, bird. Not all will fall down.



  1. Coincidentally, I was just the other day talking to Jonathan Caws-Elwitt about feeling "propelled through the hours like a laughing seagull gliding through a high-speed air current closely associated with the Intertropical Convergence Zone over Madagascar."

    "Up from the ashes on the axis of X." Marvelous!

    And thanks for the link!

  2. I love that! And now I feel a strange compulsion to conduct a bit of research on laughing-seagull propulsion in the Intertropical Convergence Zone, resulting, possibly, in something suitably bizarre.