Metaphysical Voice Recognition

Do you read me? Over. In the spirit of last Friday's monologue, I decided to plunge into the chill, uncharted waters of backward speech headfirst, and without diving gear. Listening to reversed human speech becomes tedious after a while, which is why I handed the task over to my trusty speech-recognition system. Now, I'm free to go off in search of donuts and other tasty snacks while my computer does the grunt work.

Here's an actual example of its handiwork, using my All About Dreaming post as input. I simply recorded my own voice as I read the post, reversed the recording, then fed it to the speech-recognition system. Punctuation was disabled.

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As you can see, the system did a fine job of picking up the subtle nuances that characterize backward speech. More important, the direct link to my subconscious was preserved, offering a rare glimpse into the shadowy world of my psyche. All this, and I didn't even have to listen!


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