Spotting Character

Primal canine rage, or something else? There's never been any doubt that Styx is a character, but after reading Craig's Decipher Your Dog's Character By the Spots, I began to question the exact polarity of that character. Following the procedure Craig had outlined, I performed a little spot-gazing of my own and discovered that Styx has spots on his coat, and on his skin. They don't align properly, and are of markedly different character, spotwise.

Those on his coat lead me to the conclusion that Styx is the nervous, sensitive type, while the spots on his skin tell me he's strong and protective. This leaves me with a bit of a quandary. Which spots speak the truth?

I'd like to believe otherwise, but now I fear I'll wake one morning to discover we've been burgled, pillaged, ransacked and otherwise unburdened while Styx cowered in the closet. All because I misinterpreted the readings, or perhaps more to the truth of the matter, because I chose to ignore the warning signs. Maybe it isn't primal canine rage, after all, that causes Styx to tremble.



  1. Great post! Your final line reminds me of:

    "But see--my fury comes; by Styx I tremble;
    I'll creep aside--'tis folly to dissemble."
    --Thomas Chatterton, The Revenge, 1770

  2. Thanks twice, for your inspirational graphic prompted it. Now if I can just creep past Styx before he spots his likeness on that post . . .