Happy as a clam in a Dali painting. After long moments spent hewing and honing a blogologue, it's truly gratifying to hear the three magic words that make it all seem worthwhile. When I hear, "that's really stupid," I always swell up just a little, because I know I've accomplished what I set out to do.

Leaving comments on others' blogs is less rewarding, because I generally don't get the negative attention that propels and perpetuates the demented language I've left strewn about here. It's a bit like standing on the roof, naked, holding a metal pole and daring the thunder gods to send all the amperes they have at their disposal, except it's a perfectly clear day with no storms in sight, so nothing magical happens at all.

Imagine my delight, then, to receive the ultimate recognition for comments I had left on someone else's blog. Although I would have been perfectly happy with "that's really stupid," and out-of-my-skull thrilled with "that's really, really stupid," a dear friend handed me the mother of all complimentary words, which is, of course, "delirious."

Yes! He couldn't have done any better, because that's exactly the word once used to describe my number one hero, Salvadore Dali. I believe it was Phyllis McGinley who honored him, circa 1960.

SeƱor Dali, born delirious,
Considers it folly to be serious.

Although I'm certainly no Salvadore Dali, I believe I could be. I'd only need a canvas, some brushes, a little moustache wax, and a heat gun for melting clocks and stuff. The rest would be child's play.



  1. Challenging the thunder gods with a metal pole in the broad daylight (the rooftop location and state of undress were both lovely details, by the way) recalls Don Quixote. But your image is much more dramatic. If it weren't for clear days, we'd never have "bolts from the blue." The more I think about your image, the more I like it. It could make a nifty little logo. I'll see if I can't work something up and e-mail you separately.

  2. Hahaha! Jeff Quixote has a nice ring to it. After seeing your graphic creation, I can say that if I really had that physique I wouldn't be afraid of thunder gods, or windmills, or anything else for that matter. Well, maybe pterodactyls.