Do You Read Me?

I read you like a book. Once the province of stage magicand, some say, clandestine remote-viewing operationsthe ability to read the minds of others is now one step closer to commonplace, thanks to the efforts of researchers at Maastricht University. An article in yesterday's ScienceDaily convinces me that the neuroimaging techniques used in the study now encourage a rather literal interpretation of what's mind-reading, and what isn't.

Scientists from Maastricht University have developed a method to look into the brain of a person and read out who has spoken to him or her and what was said. With the help of neuroimaging and data mining techniques the researchers mapped the brain activity associated with the recognition of speech sounds and voices.

Are the three remaining pieces of the puzzlewhen, where, and whylurking in there, too? Sorry, I have no galvanic response to that question.


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