Separation Anxiety

How do we learn to disintegrate? Hope and Fear present two faces to the world; in secret they confess their unity.

Janus watches from afar.

Hope's countenance betrays her; it is the face of uncertainty. Fear is never far behind.

Hope knows how things will go. The blade comes down between them, and then they wait.

Hope pours out amid the shards; Fear consoles and protects. No more, he says.

Practice makes perfect the stranger within.

Now they confess their unity to the world.

Janus smiles.


  1. I don't know if you're working on a book, but may I pre-order it anyway?

  2. I'm still holding out for that six-figure advance I read about in How Too Make Milion$ With Ur Blog, but sure, I'll add you to my pre-order list just in case. And since I always begin numbering my lists at number one, you'll be . . . um . . . just a sec . . . number one!

  3. Can I be number two?

  4. Hey! You already said I could be number two!