Super Duper Tuesday

Hungry for knowledge?

Here in the midriff of the United States, people are a little bit excited about today's unprecedented presidential election. Elsewhere, emotions vary from apathy to rage, with raw fear filling the cracks between. But while those of us in the torso are doing a fair job of holding it together, othersnotably those who call the kneecaps homeseem to be struggling to put the whole thing into words.

As you might expect, the blogosphere is atwitter with insightful analysis and commentary, the best of which I will attempt to pass along as the day progresses. It's the least I can do, and you deserve no less.

As you can see from the following example, some bloggers even go beyond the presidential election, and squarely into the realm of The Other Election.

The Election's has began and will end soon. The most awaited results of the election concerns the Presidential Results and Vice Presidential Results. Who will win Obama or McCain? Who will become the Vice President, Biden or Palin? Who will be the winner in the final tally of votes..

I will post the Presidential Election Results here as well the Vice Presidential Election Results for 2008 US Election..

And the new President of the United States is..... (oh am excited)

And the new Vice President of the United States is.... (come back later for the update)

Interestingly, it also turns out that not everyone is "real crazy." Some are only halfway there, if this ABC News blog is any indication.

Singer Hank Williams, Jr., who has become a regular warm-up act on the campaign trail for Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, said that Sen. Barack Obama is "not real crazy about" the national anthem before singing the Star-Spangled Banner at a rally in Colorado Springs, CO this evening.

Of course, if you're too busy to follow the day's developments, there are blog oracles that will confirm what you already knew anyway.

Here is the 2008 presidential election open thread for John McCain supporters. In your optimistic world, he defeats Barack Obama in a historic upset, becoming the Harry Truman of our generation and the 44th president of the United States. So do not ask who won the presidential election. You already know the answer.

Amazing, no?

I'll be back with more fascinating election-day coverage, but first I need more sardines.


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