This just in, from the Early Childhood/Parenting section of the Examiner.

Everyone's going to be talking about pretty much one thing all day today - the presidential election.

Get your kids involved in the discussions (even if they're toddlers) by printing out a free map of the US to color in red and blue as the states are called.

I wish someone had mentioned this before, because my child is out there voting today without any crayons. However, the author makes another excellent point before signing off.

A good resource for voting results and early voting exit polls is, they're the company that is famous for its polling and have a tin of info.

Also from the Examiner, how to "get patriotic and pumped" on election day by stuffing your face with politically-themed treats. My favorite? The veggies, of course.

Voter veggies - Add some blue food color to water and add sliced celery sticks. The celery will soak up the water and become blue. Kids will think you to be magical if you let them help with this! Then add some cream cheese and sliced tomatoes.


I'll be back.need more sardines.


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