Watching You Watching Me: Tails from the Cold War

An impasse. "I'm watching you, squirrel," said the dog.

"Not at all," replied the squirrel, "for it is I who watches you!"

"I see we have a misunderstanding," said the dog, smiling.

"Yes," said the squirrel, who did not smile. "Your misunderstanding is legend. You are a dog."

The dog's smile was gone. "If you would be so kind, squirrel, as to come down from your perch . . . "

"You are always welcome up here, dog," yawned the squirrel.

The dog responded with a low growl.

"My," said the squirrel, glancing at the sun. "I would so love to chat, but . . . "

The dog watched as the squirrel disappeared into the golden canopy above, but only for a moment. A cat had appeared on the stone wall that marked the edge of the yard.

"I'm watching you, cat," said the dog.



  1. What an adorable fable! I've wracked my brains and can't think of a better fable I've read, or one with a moral I liked better. How lovely it is to begin one's day with a bright spark!

  2. Thank you, Craig! It seems to be a hit around here, too.