Canceling 08

Fast-forward to the end of 08 Nearly two weeks left before the new year, but '08 feels like a ghost. Maybe it's the weather, or the economic climate, or a combination of things that have nothing in common with either of those. Maybe it's the glimmer of hope for a better year aheadfor better years aheadthat's at the root of my restlessness. I just want 2008 to go. Now.

So before I lose my sense of humor over the whole thing, I've decided to take the high road and declare 2008 over, regardless of what the calendar might have to say about it. I'm just that desperate, and I don't care if it does cause a rift in the space-time continuum.

Maybe Santa can come next year.



  1. I found evidence that your declaration is perfectly valid:

    "This time can reasonably vary by plus or minus two weeks." —Philip Gadd, Individuals and Populations (1983)

  2. Good! Now I can flake out with impunity.

  3. or you can engage in -- to use one of my favourite Robertson Davies' lines -- "creative lassitude," which is different than creative longitude (which admittedly can give you more time, if used correctly.)