Colors of the Season

Pretty colors are important. For some of us, the next 24 hours will bring the full range of human emotion. There will be joy as we rip the wrapping from that special gift we've been itching and begging for, and there will be heartbreakeven rageas we discover yet another pair of slippers, or mismatched socks in a used sandwich bag.

Amid the yips of uncontainable elation spewing from the good boys and girls there must also come anguished wails. Parents have feelings, too, and the 25th of December is payback time, little mister. And you, little missy-too-good-to-fix-the-plumbing. Have another liverwurst cookie, and let us know how you like the motel.

For the rest of us, the next 24 hours will bring the full range of human ingenuity into sharp focus as we gaze, lovingly, at the shiny new thermocouple Santa installed on the furnace this morning. There will be howls of delirium as ice turns to water, and thence to more water as frozen pipes begin to thaw. Like heat, water is an appropriate and thoughtful gift, especially when it's wrapped in the colors of the season.

"All I got for Christmas was a drink of water," My One True Love will say. "In a red cup." I'll smile a little smile and wink a little wink, and then we'll go out and make snow angles. After all, isn't that what Christmas is all about?


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