Disfiguring the Alphabet of Eights

AnalemmaP, right where it should have been all along.

In the doppelganging scheme of things, the leaks and dribbles of ordinary awareness often confound the unwary, leading to goosechases in the wilderness of perception. Although it's been said that heightened awareness is its own reward, the Pavlovian ideal of celebratory salivation repays patience and fortitude in a more useful currency.

A distinguished citizen of our unparalleled multiverse, Craig Conley immediately spied the true nature of the Alphabet of Eights recently outlined in or near this space, effectively smithereening prior misconceptions, misperceptions, and dumb luck associated with any myopic analysis that disfigured the figure eight previously thought to be an acceptable representation of Sideways Infinity, among other things.

In a note forwarded to me via teletype, Mr. Conley drills through the enamel and past its pulp, eventually arriving at a root-mean-square approximation of the solution to this problem, which follows.

The Alphabet of Eights has 22 letters. The letter "Analemma P" is the junction point. Ptolemy considered "Analemma" and "P" to be two letters, but a binary star had him seeing double.

Clearly, this new concatenation calls for further study, for if analemmap is to be considered a letter of the alphabet, the Möbius Dilemma must also be taken into account, along with the gravitational lensing perpetrated by the anonymous binary to which Mr. Conley refers. How this might affect the alphabets of others is a question best left for the left-brained, the harebrained, and their next of kin.



  1. "A distinguished citizen of our unparalleled multiverse." I resemble that remark! ;-)

  2. My one true love says I resemble an otter, so you're lucky.