The Gelatin Poem

My love. My life. My Jello.

Notice my smile
How do I love my Jello?
Happy you asked
Let me count the ways.

Behold my love
My Jello in the moonlight
I go to her
Too soon she is gone.

What have I done?
Commence regurgitation
Jello must live
Jello cannot die.

I throw the switch
Reanimated Jello
She lives forever.


  1. Could this be a woodcut of jello illuminated by a shaft of moonlight?

  2. I believe it is! Someone does understand!

  3. Five years later, the internet still hasn't caught up with your vision of jello in the moonlight. The image I found previously doesn't even appear in my searches now. The best I could find was a jellyfish that looks quite like a moon, but I felt that was cheating.

  4. I have a new vision now, and a new sense of taste. Jellofish for my gullet, by the light of the slivery moon.