I Hate to Solve for X

The evil of X

It only took a little while
To find the root of Y
Quadratics only made me smile
But X just made me cry.

I solve for N or P or Q
And sometimes even Z
But work with X is never through
It's all mixed up to me.

Binomials just cancel out
It's not at all complex
I know what Trig is all about
But I hate to solve for X.

           Circa 1978


  1. Somewhat of an in-joke for Jeff:

    "We're talking algebra, not rocket science."
    —Mary Jane Sterling, Algebra II For Dummies

  2. It's great to be (as the song says) in with the in-joke.

    And while scrutinizing page 51 of your book, Not Rocket Science, I discovered that becoming invisible isn't rocket science, either. What a relief!

  3. And what about Rocket Social Science?

    And isn't the new zero-gravity Ouija board isn't Rocket Seance?

  4. I was just thinking about drinking urine. I don't mean "thinking about" as in "I was just thinking about drinking urine," but more in the sense of "thinking about others," e.g. astronauts having to recycle it instead of putting it into orbit around the space station, or the shuttle. Anyway, that might or might not be rocket science, because you can't use a Ouija board for a table the way we used to do back in high school. Not when the thing is just floating around the cabin.