Tiny stars via NASA

Being by their nature smaller
And looked down on by the taller
Is it any wonder, then
That the Pygmies rise again?

Robbing, looting, burning all
Making up for size that's small
They are on a mad rampage
Tiny hearts filled up with rage.

Everybody tries to flee
Pygmies must have gotten free!
But they never get too far
Anywhere the Pygmies are.

Now the Pygmies run the world
All their flags have been unfurled
Tiny houses, tiny cars
Lying 'neath the tiny stars.

               Circa 1978



  1. Great final line! It's believed that a pygmy star condenses as much matter as our entire sun contains.

  2. I didn't know that. Just one more reason (as any red dwarf will, I'm sure, agree) to dismiss physical scale as the red herring it so often is.

  3. Yeah, great last line.

    And it explains a lot: I always thought the stars had tiny cars because there were so few places to drive in space, and that they had tiny ears because there was little to hear, except for themselves.

  4. Someone once told me that, in the social vacuum of space, drive-ins have become wildly popular substitutes for Quality Time with family (e.g. TV). Those small, low-fi speakers at drive-ins have eliminated the need for good hearing, hence the stars' tinny ears. Unnatural selection, and all that.