Three Poems

Up the funny stairs

Some Life

Bus fares
Climbing stairs
Silhouettes of broken chairs

Blank stares
Music blares
No one lives here; no one dares

Jesus cares
Only he who dreams despairs

Rotten pears
Worried over small affairs

Grey hairs
Solar flares
Melting icecaps; drowning bears.

Home sweet hovel


The clock strikes three
And we run and we hustle
For the busses and the cars
And the train runs late
To our homes and our hovels
By the lake, by the depot
Under water
Drowning slowly
While the clock strikes eight.

The rock feels no pain

The Last Poem

I will be the first to learn
The hows and whys
The making of ignorance.

I will be the first to learn
The pitfalls and traps
The solitude of arrogance.

I will be the last to learn
The agony of irreversibility.

              Circa 1978


  1. "Some Life" is marvelous! Jeff's got rhythm ... who could ask for anything more?

  2. Hey, I actually know that song! And this one, too: All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, and a more sophisticated sense of grammar of course.

    Thanks, Craig.

  3. Ah.....Yes. Without a doubt. I also recall all I want for Christmas...Remember Snooky Lanson and Your Hit Parade?
    First visit here. Hello and be welcome to stop by if you are so inclined


  4. Hi Linda. I'm having a hard time with Snooky Lanson at the moment, but then, that's true of many things. I will take you up on your kind offer, though, just as soon as I feed my face.