Habitual Wisdom

The wisdom of the Ancient Ones. From our modern-day vantage point, the wisdom of the Ancient Ones seems naïve. Working within the confines of a binary numbering scheme is frustrating already, but the unary system they employed must have driven many of them to drink, which may explain their reputation for dropping bits of the packets they carried aboard at every port during their transatlantic migrations.

With the arrival of the Ancient Twos, the one-dimensional wisdom of their predecessors fell into disrepute. The elasticity and charm of the new duality made the Ancient Ones seem unwiseeven myopicin the eyes of certain nuevo influential technologists of the day. The less certain spray-painted slogans above underpasses and under overpasses throughout the district, until every passing IT professional knew the words by heart.

Garbage in, garbage out.

In modern terms, this means we only do as we're told. We aren't paid to question the wisdom and logic of our orders, nor are we responsible for the outcome. In postmodern terms, the definitions of those words will have been lost among the daily yottabytes that carry the wisdom of the Ancient Ones.



  1. The wisdom of the ancient ones seems very wise to me. The way we think now, I mean the way we're supposed to think, is (to me) just weird.

  2. I know. I tried it, and look what happened to me. I used to understand what I wrote, but now it's all, like, confusing and messed up.

  3. O ancient (s)now won(s),

    On an unrelated note, but one that relates to previous notes, I thought you'd be interested in this http://lemonhound.blogspot.com/2009/02/if-not-winter-snow-thinking-and-slight.html

  4. O, that. Winter's stump seems shorter now — only 28 fidgeting days 'til we receive our marching orders — and nicely wrapped in leaves.

    Thanks for the link!