Ice Dreams

Ice blue Another bright morningno clouds to hold the outlines of our winter's dreamthe images locked again in ice.

A blue sky, the darker ground, a patch of light beyond them all, and sunlight breaks into the cold to thaw the dreams of frosted nights.

Blue as the Robin's egg that waits behind the walls of winter. Blue as a summer stream.



  1. I'm loving these ice photos! The blue sky in this one is gorgeous! (Original typo: grogeous. The "grog" of the typo could perhaps allude to watery intoxication. Sky on ice is more exhilarating than rum on ice any day.)

  2. Thanks. I took a bunch of them yesterday while waiting for my Internet connection to come back to life. This may turn out to be Ice Week, but we shall see.

    I wholeheartedly agree with your sky vs. rum assessment, btw.