Natural Selection

How many Picobears can dance on the head of a Petabear? On Tuesday, January 27, 2009 @ 12:48:00 PM UTC gary barwin wrote . . .

"Thanks for bearing witness. (Talk about overbearing...actually, perhaps there should be a universal scale established to rank this, kilobears (kB) perhaps. Though the last time I tried to kilobear, I barely escaped with my life, I was almost unbearable.)"

. . . thus spawning, of course, the Terrabear. Sadly, the Gigabear's limited capacity rendered it obsolete within moments of its inception.



  1. so, you are like some 'bear bard' spinning his bear tales , a 'beard'? That doesn't work ... now i have to slip on my furry bear feet and go out to shovel snow, how embearessing.

  2. That's a bear with one seriously astigmatic eye.

    But the mind reels (or jigs): a terrabear. That's almost more than I can bear.

    Of course, it brings to mind the semibear, or the tiny yet peekaboo-worthy picobear.

    If you have several angels on the head of a pin, introduce a few picobears and see what happens.

  3. It works, r'n, if "bear bard" is desiccated thus: b'd, i.e. beard, i.e. no more furry embearitude.

    And g'n: Like his truck-driving uncle before him, the tiny yet peekaboo-worthy picobear is surely worthy of many a jiggy reel, on pinheads, with angels, for grog-induced grogginess has many rewards.