Orange stuff

Hector Lanible takes his young son out for a day of education at the city zoo. "There!" he exclaims, and then he points. "An Orange Utan!" The boy nods, and looks at his shoes.

Julius roaming, in search of citrus treats, discovers a torrent of orange beneath the blazing skies. Fruit to calm his hunger, and a marmalade sunset to keep the scurvy doctor at bay.

Later that evening, an old friend is having an old friend for dinner and a movie. Habinal Licktor watches from the screen, eyes wild. A new caste of diners heretofore unknown, but for their taste in fruit.



  1. Just like a haiku , at least that's the way Jodie Foster explained it to me .

  2. I don't know Jodie Foster as well as you do, but the look in her eye leads me to believe that she's always right.