Three More From 1978

My Mountain

The clouds roll in
And they boil
And they tumble
Casting shadows on the mountain
Where my heart still lives;
Where the boulder covered valleys
Lie in quiet expectation
Of the storm that lifts me once again
To timberline in Spring.


You are the pilot
And I am the wing
My friends are the engines
And other strange things.

We fly to South Asia
And then to my house
For cocktails and lobster
And extract of Maus.

Hello Mountains

Hello river, hello trees
Without you I begin to freeze
It isn't that the air's too cold
I worry that my soul's been sold.

Hello lightning, hello rain
You, at least, remain the same
I can't rely on mom and dad
But lightning never makes me sad.

Hello pinecones, hello snow
I'll take you with me when I go
You're never really left behind
You'll live forever in my mind.

Hello mountains, hello sky
This is where I want to die
Don't bury me in a concrete crypt
But scatter my bones around a bit.