Why Some Guitars Weep, Gently, When They Make Stuff Up

This just in. It seems the Harvard physicist at the center of the Google blasphemy outlined in today's monologue had, in fact, nothing to do with it.

A link to a TechNewsWorld article describing what really happened appears on Google's blog, but in a nutshell, the physicist didn't even mention Google, let alone tea kettles.

One problem: the study's author, Harvard University physicist Alex Wissner-Gross, says he never mentions Google in the study. "For some reason, in their story on the study, the Times had an ax to grind with Google," Wissner-Gross told TechNewsWorld. "Our work has nothing to do with Google. Our focus was exclusively on the Web overall, and we found that it takes on average about 20 milligrams of CO2 per second to visit a Web site."

And the example involving tea kettles? "They did that. I have no idea where they got those statistics," Wissner-Gross said.

That is all.


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