The Big Adventure Continues

CreepyHere in the second week of my grand Omegaword products adventure, the learning curve is flattening out a bit. I'm beginning to get a grip on all the graphics that need to be resized, converted, and otherwise made suitable for use in their new lives as t-shirts, posters, skateboards, coffee mugs, and now greeting cards, too. That's one of the initial three over there on the leftblack, of course, like pretty much everything else so far. That probably means something, but I'm not exactly sure what.

The whole thing has been educational, to say the least. One particularly unexpected lesson came by way of someone who was interested in the one item I had removed only hours before. I thought the Jitter Putty concept needed work, having been essentially pulled from my nose in a moment of idle distraction. She disagreed, so it's back. In the future, I'll try not to second-guess myself before others have had the opportunity to tell me what's what, and what's not.

Blue skaters

The second skateboard design had a lot to do with the recent focusfor lack of a better wordon infinity. I liked the idea of skating on infinity, which is how those little blue dudes/dudettes came about.

Get to know yourself In keeping with the illustrious traditiona very new tradition, but I'm going with it anywayof converting bits of blog-matter to posters, t-shirts and etc., the graphic you see on the left is alive in new incarnations now, too. At least it will be once it's ordered, on-demand manufacturing being rather unfriendly toward the whole idea of warehousing and all that.

Onward, thru the fog.



  1. Taking a spin a the Highway of Sales in this dismal economic weather front is a far far braver thing than many would attempt; but then again you are a fearless and devoted CEO. I am assuming you aren't receiving any government stimulus checks, so at least you don't have to limit your slary to a mere 250,000 dollars. Sounds and looks like this new biz is keeping you very busy. Luck.

  2. Thanks! No guvmint checks, and no employees to suck away the profits. It is glorious.