Tripping the Dark Fantastic

That's beautiful, man.

If you had too much fun during the past week and need someone to help you cheer down, I'm your huckleberry.

Virginia's comments on my Unbearable Things monologue included the suggestion to Google "Harvard, cluster headache study" for links related to recent research on the subject. Because I haven't resorted, yet, to the LSD or Psilocybin remedies discussed in those articles, I must direct your attention to a video clip on the Clusterbusters site that everyone ought to watch at least once.

I say this because it's unlikely you've ever actually seen a cluster-headache attack in action, and no one should be deprived of that privilege. This is especially true if you happen to be one of those people who feel compelled to make flippant comments regarding the claimed severity of a cluster headache, its alleged effects on a person's life, or the so-called ineffectiveness of virtually every headache remedy available today.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must also tell you that my German lineage and upbringing would never allow me to behave in the manner of that simpering mama's-boy-pain-hating-punk in the video. Suck it up, dude. Aintcha never heard of aspirin?

Anyway, thanks, Virginia, for the illuminating information. Now what did I do with Mr. Leary's phone number . . .



  1. so what do you do when you get a c.h.a? Put in your Quiet Riot cassette and bang your head?

    ...just a suggestion--
    remember, I'm not a doctor, i just play one on TV...have a good weekend!

  2. No, I go to my Happy Place (a.k.a. the garage) and grab my power drill, which I then use to drill holes in my head as a kind of playful distraction from the pain. If that doesn't work, the blowtorch usually does. No eyebrows now, but hey, we don't need no steenking eyebrows, juno?