Second-guessing Preconceptions

Where does it all stop, really? One particularly troubling facet of human awareness is the ability to perceive ourselves in the act of perception. I include you in this group, dear reader, simply because I know that dolphins don't give a fig for reading, while squirrels lack the attention span to even make it to the second sentence. This amounts to double jeopardy, since I've already made two assumptions based on nothing more than my own perception, which might be a misperception. In other words, how can I ever be sure that second-guessing my first perception is any more reliable than first-guessing the second?

For example, let's say I'm staring at that tool shed over there behind the tree. How do I know it's really a tree? It might be a flounder, or a Volvo. And since I keep all my tools in a small paper box behind the stove, the whole idea of a tool shed is absurd. I don't need a tool shed any more than I need a second set of teeth, or pockets. When I removed the pockets from every pair of pants I own, I knew it would prevent the dangerous buildup of dryer lint, which is explosive. There's no need to second-guess that.

When I perceive myself in the act of misperception, I stop to ask myself one important question: How can I trust myself to keep track of which perception I'm working on at the momentthe copy or the originaland (2) what's the point of wasting precious nutrients on a mind that can't even make itself up?

But then I have to laugh, because that's what vitamins are for.  


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