Twenty Answers, Questioned

Listening to the DTMF, darkly, which definitely isn't a looking glass, Alice. 1) Do you have forensic evidence?

2) The proof of that is in the pudding, not the margarine.

3) How do you know?

4) Why do you say that?

5) I doubt it.

6) Not unless I woke up in Maine this morning.

7) What are you, the queen of Shiva?

8) What are you, the king of Vishnu?

9) Did you actually count them?

10) When pigs fly.

11) When flies pig out.

11) When fruit flies.

12) I'll bet you say that to all the liars.

13) That isn't an answer.

14) Why can't we be friends?

15) You must be thinking of the other Bob.

16) I don't think that's what you really mean.

17) Why do you always have to be so mean?

18) Prove it.

19) Is that all you ever think about?

20) Why?


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