Water Dreams

Water Dreams

An old dream
A sunlit labyrinth
I know the dreamers
By name
Janus approaches
I tear the reason
From my mind
She will be free.

A black dream
A lightless labyrinth
Two shadows
Two dreamers
One is immobile
I push the shadows
With intent
She will be free.

A new dream
A liquid labyrinth
I know the dreamers
By heart
One is drowning
I pull the water
With my fingers
She will be free.


  1. I just finished watching about 13 episodes of Avatar. Which means that I'm reading things through a awe-filled film of 'water-bending', 'fire-bending', earth-bending', uhh ... oh! 'Air-bending'. Especially water-bending, what with your post and my post and every post in between. Wonderful, as per usual. Not that I'm making much sense. Uhm. I'm going to re-read this a few times, probably tomorrow, and throughout my life. It's amazing. :) Don't mind me, as per usual.

  2. Makes perfect sense to me, but then I'm only halfway through my third cup of bent coffee.

  3. hi Jeff, like most poetry I find this hard to make sense of...most is personal and hard to decipher, but the flow and words are quite pleasant.

    Haven't been able to access your site for weeks, but got the new unit hooked up, and Shazam! There you are again.

    Sweet! see ya around.

  4. Hi Tom. I know what you mean, but I guess it's the ambiguity of a lot of poems that makes them work for many. Same words, different meanings to different people, and all that.

    In this case, it probably doesn't help that I was attempting to put actual dreams into words.

    Glad you're back in business, computerwise.