All We Really Need

Light Teetering on the edge of Christmas, custom dictates what we wish upon others. Old favorites like Peace and Joy, All Our Best, and the all-encompassing Season's Greetings make a long story short. After all, I don't know what you really want for Christmas, do I?

Of course not. But whatever it is, I hope you don't get it. Instead, I hope you get what you need, especially if you aren't sure what that might be.

I hope I do, too.



  1. hey Jeff...will we all get what we deserve!? :)
    Have a great Christmas...


  2. No, because we have that already. Santa's ordering system doesn't allow duplicate mojos, so if we get what we already have, we know it didn't come from him. I wished for a lump of coal and some cramps, but now I'm afraid to open the little box I found under the sink this morning. It's moving.

    Merry Hoho, Tom.