A blue moon of a different color. As the full moon rose this evening, I was struck by the plain-vanilla look and feel of our nearest celestial neighbor. There was nothing blue about it, and my eyes were open wide, as they always are when they expect a special treat.

I won't say I'm disappointed, because that would imply an expectation of some sort. That's never a good idea where lunar phenomena are concerned. Instead, I'll just chalk it up to poor timing, and hope the hues are more favorable where you live, moonwise.

Up next: 2010. Is this getting predictable, or what?



  1. lucky you... we only saw cloud cover...not even a bluish tint. wah! this new year sucks already.

  2. Tom, I feel your pain, and to prove it, I'm filing a class-action first thing Monday morning. Well, second thing Monday morning. First things first, and all that.