Consonants on Ice

Don't let negative temperatures rob you of meaningful speech. Stay away from that flagpole! We got up this morning
On the wrong side of zero
The flagpoles were covered
With neighborhood tongues
"Don't do it!" we shouted
But they wouldn't listen
So now they have vowels
With nothing between.


  1. Re: "the wrong side of zero," here's a piece in your honor:

  2. Ha! I've always suspected the decimal point, and now, at last, comes the proof.

    Thank you!!

  3. Great piece.

    But, I always thought that zero, like a Mobius in two dimensions, had no sides. Then again, I ate a non-dimensional Mobius-shaped donut and became fat on more than one side.

    But perhaps this should be a new expression, "I woke up on the inside of zero this morning,".

    And: The nothing inside of nothing is a bit cozier than the nothing outside.

  4. Thank you, Gary, for zeroing my perceptual compass before the coffee is entirely inside (of me, that is). I will return to these paradoxes later, when I have a better grasp on the nonlinearity of this line of thought.