Grounded Mysticism

Earth ground to Jeff . . . earth ground to Jeff . . . In my next life I think I'd like to be a grounded mystic. I'm not unwishing the life of a burly henchman, because that might degrease the wheel. If there's one thing I don't want to encourage, it's insufficiently lubricated cosmic machinery.

As a grounded mystic, I wouldn't have to worry about bobbing in the river of unsupportable arguments, such as time's linear nature in the context of reincarnation. Where ungrounded mysticism might lead to certain assumptions regarding how many lives are allowed at once, the properly grounded mystic snorts at the idea of single-file marching orders, blowing his nose into the handkerchief of circadian chronology.

I think it would be a good idea to use green wire for my ground connection, because that would reduce the chances of being plugged into a wall outlet by mistake.



  1. Fun coincidence: just after reading your blog, I read these lines about a grounded mystic in Hermann Hesse's THE GLASS BEAD GAME: "For this yogi, he felt, had plunged through the surface of the world, through the superficial world, into the ground of being, into the secret of all things. He had broken through and thrown off the magical net of the senses, the play of light, sound, color, and sensation, and lived secure in the essential and unchanging."

    1. Mumph. I thought there was a comment here, but there isn't. Aside from this one, of course. What year is this?