Burliness and Hench

Sometimes reincarnation means never having to say excuse me. In my next life I think I'd like to be a burly henchman. I wouldn't have to worry about finding a job, because burly henchmen always wear three-piece suits, and large shoes. People who wear small shoes don't get jobs as easily, because no one is afraid of small feet.

If there's one thing you'll never see in the Help Wanted section of your local newspaper, it's an ad for a burly henchman. During times of economic uncertainty, burly henchmen don't have to read the classifieds because they already have jobs lined up in Chicago. It wouldn't make any sense to look for a job you already have, so they don't.

Burly henchmen never have names like Cletus, or Starling. In my next life I don't want to have to worry about my name, but I don't think that will be an issue unless everyone else wants to be a burly henchman, too.



  1. is there another alternative...to a next life, i mean? any chance of becoming a quark--whatever that is...?

  2. No. However, if you are reborn as Dirty Work near Starling in your next life, you will soon be made a quark. Several, in fact.

  3. I see we have an agitator. Now if only we had a drum, some water, and a wee bit of detergent, we'd have the sort of clean-smelling laundry our forefathers envisioned when they signed the Declaration of Independence.