Thankless Poems for Thoughtful People

Nothing to see here. Move along now. Move along.

On Cheese

My cheese is an old cheese
It knows a thing or two
About taste
But the smell
Now that's a different story.

On Knitting

I hate it when my father
Knits his brow
Darn it
The doctor is in stitches
As he sutures my father
For the third time
This week.

On Bubbles

From potable bloatables
Bubbles arise
They fill up our insides
And tickle our eyes
A gallon of bubbles
Makes syllables stream
We'll belch "rigor mortis"
And after that we'll attempt more complex words, such as "anthropolymorphism."

On Off

Handy handy light switches
They're everywhere these days
Kitchens and hallways
Over sinks and under water
On off on off on off
Like magic
Oh no
That one didn't like water
Maybe they're not so great


  1. Still working on your burping, I see. Mandy can perform whenever she likes, but the results are still feeble.

  2. I know. Such talent, but she has not yet learned to project.

  3. Ha! this is great! "the doctor is in stitches........"